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Training Courses

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Post Graduate Certificate in Weather Forecasting
Aviation Meteorological Forecasting (AMF) Competencies
Aerological Diagram Interpretation (Basic)
Flash Flood Guidance system
Forecast and Warn of Hazardous Weather Phenomena to Aviation - Theory (no practical application)
Impact-based Forecasting
Marine Theory
Numerical Weather Prediction for Forecasting
RADAR Meteorology for forecasting
Satellite Meteorology

Meteorological Observations
National Certificate: Weather Observation
Aviation Meteorological Observer (AMO) Competencies
Automatic Weather Station (fault finding)
Cloud formation and identification (includes coding thereof)
Introduction to aerological diagrams
Manage and maintain an operational weather/ climate station (AWS Instrument inspection)
Quality assure Climatic data (Climate checking / fault finding).

General courses
Basic Introduction to Meteorology
Cloud identification
Introduction to Coastal Meteorology
Library orientation and information access

All RTC Meteorological Trainers are registered as Assessors and Moderators by SETA TETA

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